Should I Buy a Used Camera?

Should I Buy a Used Camera?

Looking for a used camera can be scary, but with the advice from this article, you should be more confident knowing the things to look out for when buying.

What is a Camera Tripod? Definitive Guide for 2020

What is a Camera Tripod?

You can have the highest quality camera and lens kit available and be outperformed by someone with a cheaper camera and lower quality lens kit – if they have a tripod and you are just using your hands. Therefore, as a photographer, tripods are an essential accessory to have.

What are Action Cameras? 2020 Beginner’s Guide

Action Cameras Beginner's Guide

The camera industry has come up with an entirely new line of cameras and accessories in recent years. They can take a beating, take a submerging, and take lots of vibration and still perform at a very high level of quality.

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